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Download the best 5 very powerful games deleted from Google Play for Android 2022

  Download the 5 most powerful games removed from the store to play on all Android phones in 2022 without internet The top 5 Android games have been removed.

Giant games deleted for Android 2022

The best games to remove from Google Play Store for Android These games are old and less functional for weak phones, but they are great games that the developers ignore and have been removed from Google Play Store for Android.

 And here in this topic I offer you Download Top 5 Games Removed from Google Store, Giants Games and Compressed Games for Android Phones 2022 Download 2022 Android Games Offline High Graphics for Android

Download games on Android phones deleted from the store without the Internet Top 5 old Android games without the Internet Best 2022 Android phone download Games of giants and persecuted and deleted games

1 - Game of Thrones

 Game of Thrones 1 GB Offline Game of Thrones is a fun story and adventure game based on graphic scenarios and decisions. The game here revolves around a large family living in one of the palaces and events in the game of power struggles, ruling families, wars and conspiracies based on the famous Game of Thrones series.

 You'll play 6 chapters of a game made by Telltale Games, which has been discarded and removed from Google Play and the App Store for unknown reasons, and while it offers an enjoyable experience, we still love it for this moment, the company's developers provide a number of large-scale games such as The Walking Dead series and the Batman series. and so on,

 We don't see games at the moment, as for mobile, I personally think that due to the success of multiplayer and battle royale games, this has led the company out of offering story games and offline decision making for mobile.

 To download Game of Thrones 

1 GB | without internet | Offline

To download for Android

 2-   Lost   Within 

 Lost in Horror Games and Beautiful Stories Lost in Weighing Game is an offline game about 400MB in size, the game was developed by Amazon in 2015.

 But the game did not expire some time and it was removed by Google for some reason to play even though it is a game that offers adventure, horror and puzzle experience with a unique design. She tells her story about a police officer who, after a huge and bizarre accident that destroyed the hospital, is called to a mental hospital to rescue the children held there.

 And you will know many secrets in the story of the game. The graphics and game controls are very good, and the most beautiful thing here is the experience of the game's sound and music.

 Download   Lost Within 

400 MB | without internet | Offline

To download for Android

 3 - Game Eisenhorn : Xenos 

 Eisenhorn: Xenos Game Eisenhorn Xenos Game No Internet Offline 2.5 GB One of the best games for mobile phones with high graphic design is the action and sci-fi game developed by the gaming company Pixel Hero Games The game is downloaded in 2016.

 Unfortunately, the game is not over until the PC version of steem has been removed, but currently you can try it on your Android phone.

 An endangered giant emperor in order to protect him, you will play many chapters of adventure, action, puzzle solving, the game graphics and cinematic scenes are different, the game lacks the physical optimization and the 60 added framework.

 Download the game Eisenhorn : Xenos 

2500 MB | without internet | Offline

To download for Android

4 - Dead Space

 Dead Space Games Dead Space Games is an offline game developed for mobile and PC without internet Dead Space Games is a popular science fiction, adventure, action and horror game. The game was launched in 2011.

 And they were removed from the App Store and Google Play in 2015 because of which company developed the bloodstains? The famous one, he started messing around with it some time ago and downloaded an improved version of it, Remastered, which tells you the story of the game, you are in space and the space station has lost touch with it.

 Resources and weapons, face monsters and solve the game's puzzles. The game offers you a fun adventure with high graphics quality, story, action and a really special sci-fi.

 To download the game Dead Space 

without internet | Offline

Look for her, she has rights

To download for Android

5- Bright Memory for mobile games

Bright Memory 700 MB Offline Game Bright Memory is a first-person shooter and action game. The game is excellent with powerful graphics, action atmosphere, and content that makes you feel like you are playing a solid game of PC and console games. 

The problem with the game here is that it is very short after playing for about an hour.

 The developer here wronged us and gave us a game the size of the mobile version, which was discarded before it was completed. The reason is that the developers are interested in supplementing and developing the PC version, but unfortunately the PC version has not been completed yet, not even the mobile version. The story of the game here is about a girl named Shelia.

 A girl from here is the organizations of natural sciences and those who have discovered an ancient sword that has a wonderful magical substance in it, while a group of military organizations are trying to get it, and it will be you who will fight to protect this sword.

 Shelia character game. Developed with the Unreal Engine, the game offers a unique experience.

 To download the game   Bright Memory Mobile 

 700 MB |  You do not   need internet | Offline 

Download for Android (Free trial)

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